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Lidy (mother of Florian, 13 years old)
Our 13 year old dyslexic son did the Time 2 Control course “Fast learning = fun learning”. Ever since then he remembers all study material one go by making mindmaps and he reads three times as fast! I highly recommend this course!

Sanne (14 years old)
I’ve gained a lot more insight in how to study better, due to this I’m getting better grades while studying a shorter while. When you learn speed reading, you will do it without even thinking about it, it saves a lot of time! It’s easier for me to pick out important words in a text and connect the dots, I now know why I study. I found it difficult to work on my skills between classes but I’m glad I persisted, my grades are a lot better now!

Estelle (12 years old):
The course “Fast learning = fun learning” really helped me. I now have a lot more free time. At first I did nothing but school, now I have more time to spend on the things I love doing; playing basketball. Before I never found the time. I’m still getting good grades and planning is going swell.

Nikki (17 years old, finished high school):
I was always studying too much and cramming everything into my head. This was not my ideal way of studying, I worked so hard on everything but still got terrible grades.
Then I saw Time 2 Control and it seemed like something that would suit me, I informed about the course and thankfully I could start in April with individual coaching which helped me relax more during my exam weeks. What helped me most was mindmapping and learning how to properly plan. Learning in short bursts suits me best, I was a lot more calm and prepared for my exams. I graduated high school! The methods are great and I highly recommend it.

*Names placed by reviews and results are only mentioned with permission