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Learning more in less time and remembering it better, who wouldn’t want that?

The transition from primary school to secondary school is tough for a lot of students. Suddenly you have a lot more classes and 10-15 subjects for which you have to make homework. You are expected to instantaniously be an expert at planning and organising your homework.

It is also possible that secondary school wasn’t much of a problem for you, but now that you are in college or university you are struggling immensely with planning your time accordingly, have a hard time working quickly and efficiently and/or have trouble processing the amount of study material.

During the couse “Learning fast = learning fun” from Time 2 Control you will get a better grip on your homework/study material due to acquiring better planning and organisational skills. During this course you will also get better insight into your particular way of studying and you will learn new techniques to improve your studying. You will learn to read 2-4 times faster than now, how to summarise better with the help of mindmapping and remember your study material better with memory techniques.

The following questions will be answered during the course:
- What is the best way to approach my homework?
- How do I properly study for a quiz or an exam?
- How do I learn to read faster and remember the material better at the same time?
- How can I memorise the material I have studied for longer?
- How do I make a realistic planning? - How can I make learning more fun?

For secondary school and college/university students
The course is suitable for students of secondary schools and college/university students.
The course is also extremely suitable for dyslexia, AD(H)D and gifted students.

Your own learningsystem in 6 weeks
During the course we will take a look at your current way of studying, how long you can concentrate, at what point of the day your concentration is at its peak and what  method of studying best for you. We start speed reading during the first lesson so we can measure how much faster you are reading at the end of the course.

Other subjects that are implemented in the course: mindmapping, speedlearning, memory techniques, timeboxing and timemanagement.

What will you get from this?
Your investment in this course is 6 times a 1 hour class and 6 weeks of practicing 15 minutes a day, 6 times a week, a total of 15 hours of your time, but what will you get from this?
  • Every book you read takes only half the time to finish. So if you normally take 6 hours to finish a book, after this course you are capable of finishing the book in 3 hours. Just imagine how much time you will save on reading mandatory school books!
  • You only have to read and summarise your study material once for a quiz or an exam, so you don’t have to constantly re-read it!
  • Make quick, easy and clear summaries using a mindmap.
  • Knowing how to approach any kind of homework, from memorising words to writing an essay, from math to studying for quizzes or exams.
Your benefit: learning more and easier in less time. In the mindmap on the top right you will see the content of the course per week.
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